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Assessing the Warriors after Game No. 2
29.10.2016 23:47

When it comes to NBA experts in the modern media landscape, Jeff Van Gundy as a candid and insightful as they come.

So when the former head coach analyst said on Monday that he expected the Golden State supervillains go through the regular season, now that Durant was in the fold, I pointed out.

"The idea that it will take some time for chemistry, Toews Jersey, I do not agree with that." Van Gundy said on ESPN conference call with reporters. "Great players like Durant, they can fit into any team. They know how to play. Players he's going to play with the know how to play."

Five days after the soldiers responded to their opening blunder of the season against San Antonio (129-100), Downing in New Orleans Pelicans 122-114 in Smoothie King Center, it was less than impressed with the reaction of Van Gundy after he I spent the evening call to action in the game number 2.

"I'm not sure if I (Warrior) I feel good," said Van Gundy on the telecast. "I think they've got some things to figure out how they are going to protect the shot without lock (s) of their rotation.

Even with Anthony Davis exuded so much greatness (more on him later), the fact remains that the soldiers had to scratch and claw to beat a team that won 30 games last season, with no major players Tyreke Evans (right knee), Jrue Holiday (who tends to his ailing wife) and Pondexter (left knee), and who also lost scorers Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon Houston in free agency in the offseason.

It was a baby step for this group of soldiers, in fact, and nothing more. Road games in Phoenix (Sunday) and Portland (Tuesday) coming from Thursday home matchup against the old team Oklahoma City Thunder Durant certainly circled on the calendar Westbrook thereafter.

The good news for the Golden State out of the game number 2? Bench players actually contributed to this time, no more than the perennial Sixth Man of the Year candidate Igudala (nine points, three assists and a plus-16 rating), and 20-year-old small forward Kevon Looney (An spectacular seven minutes, which resulted in ratings plus-13 ). They also held their own on the boards (49-49) after a humbling 55-35 edge against San Antonio, with Durant leading the way (17 to go with a team-high 30 points) and Pachulia (11 after he was three in the opener) and Draymond Green (11). It should also be noted that there was a healthy balance in scoring, this time by soldiers stars (28 points for Clay Thompson, 23 from Steph Curry).

The bad news for the Warriors? On the heels of his bench as a reserve ashamed 54-16 scoring against Spurs, they have been overtaken by Pelicans on 39-23 edge in this department (Dante Cunningham and Lance Stephenson had 15 points apiece in New Orleans) and have yet to have an account in the substitute double digits.

Cost of doing business with Duran was losing players like Bogut, Mo Speights, Duncan Keith Jersey, Leandro Barbosa, Festus Ezeli and Brandon Rush. Only time will tell if the Warriors can reclaim part of the "strength in numbers" magic with similar David West, Pat McCaw, Ian Clark and the rest of their 2016-17 reserves.

Game number 1 for Davis: 50 points (17 of 31 shooting), 16 rebounds, seven steals, five assists, four blocks in the loss to Denver.

According to ESPN Stats of people in Davis is the 1st player to score at least 90 points in the first two games of the season since Michael Jordan in 1986 (91). Durant, in other words, looks like quite a soothsayer for his comments on Friday that Davis was "probably going to lead the league in scoring this year, easily."

It just does not seem right that the fifth year the star is not more help from his supporting cast now. Moreover, it Pelicans now get to go to San Antonio on Saturday night in the matchup against the 2-0 Spurs.


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