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NBA 2016-17: 10 big predictions for the new season ... including the winner
25.10.2016 22:37

The new NBA season tips off Tuesday with the two-time finalists Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers back in the spotlight on opening night.

The Warriors were about to make each list "best team in history" before blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals, but were gifted the best possible antidote in signing the former MVP Kevin Durant.

The tectonic movement not only eradicated final hangover Golden State, but got Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Co. salivating to get right back on the field.
Meanwhile, the Cavaliers have worked quietly to ensure the future of their big stars while adding sixth man Mike Dunleavy

The rest of the league was not sitting idly either San Antonio said goodbye to Tim Duncan and hello to Pau Gasol, the Thunder hosted Victor Oladipo running alongside Russell Westbrook, and the Knicks led Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose to compliment Carmelo Anthony.
Dwyane Wade is packing for Chicago, Kobe Bryant and packed his bags for good - replaced in purple and gold, promising rookie Brandon Ingram.
In addition, expenditure levels have made outrageous highs, with seven players guaranteed contracts worth more than $ 100 million, and 29 players who make more than $ 20 million this season. Some, such as high-flier Toronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan, Bonafide are rising stars, while others had names scratched heads.
Read on for 10 lines plot the most intriguing to follow in the 2016-2017 season.
Do all these crazy contracts backfire?
The NBA went to an amazing shopping spree this summer, with apparently little rhyme or reason. French Nicolas Batum has signed a five year contract for $ 120 million to stay in Charlotte, and shooting guard Bradley Beal received five years, $ 127 million deal to stay in Washington.
Memphis, meanwhile, has doubled down on large contracts, sign Chandler Parsons to four years, $ 94 million deal and Mike Conley to five years, $ 153 million deal - the richest contract in NBA history .

Not one of these four never made an All-Star team. So what exactly is happening?
The answer lies in the complex NBA salary cap system that penalizes teams that do not meet a minimum level of spending each season.
Due to a nine-year, $ 24 billion TV broadcast agreement signed in 2014, this minimum figure increased 34% to $ 84.6 million last summer, and will rise again to over $ 96 million the next year.
In the absence of superstar talent available in free agency, owners below the minimum threshold were encouraged to pay $ 100 million the best actors glorified - leaving the teams to great danger if they underperform or succumb to injury.
Therefore Grizzlies 38, owner Robert Pera tweeted a GIF of a child throwing money out the Parsons signing the night through window.
That is also why Durant is likely to withdraw from its current three-year contract with Golden State this summer and re-sign for 35% of the capitalization as a player with more than 10 years in the league.
I'll spare you the math: KD will consider a contract worth a minimum of $ 37.45 million per year from 2017.

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