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Russell Westbrook’s numbers are incomprehensible
31.10.2016 22:03

The Ok Town Magic has not been very good despite their 3-0.

They directly defeat a bad Chicago Blackhawks Jersey 76ers group without No. 1 choice Ben Simmons or Nerlens Noel, took a younger, bad group Arizona Team to extra time, and battled in a near cooperation with Los Angeles on Weekend, Opposing team . But there was fun for lovers of Magic in the awaken of Kevin Durant, as they saw their celebrity, Russell Westbrook, add in unbelievable figures across the panel.

Against the Opposing team, Westbrook published his second triple-double of the year. On a large tamer 21 objective efforts on to the ground, he obtained 33 factors, dished out 16 helps and got 12 gets back in 32 moments.

Through three activities, secure point somme are 116 factors, 37 gets back and 35 helps. He is the first gamer to history 100-30-30 complete in the first three activities of his group this year, according to the Elias Activities Institution. It is also one of four gamers (LeBron Wayne, Eileen The the air jordan, Lewis Bird) permanently 100-30-30 history complete no more after three suits, according to BSE.

Its 12 turnovers in the last two suits are still on and his taken choice could enhance, but how amazing we can not refuse the Westbrook figures were. It will have a more difficult time maintaining these research, though, hOSSA JERSEY, as the Magic within the Trimmers and the Fighters in their next two activities.

Kevin Durant new group is not there yet, either. We realized this would be the situation only three activities into the year, but perhaps we did not know that San Antonio Spur run on beginning evening and a near-loss to a younger and not so skilled group Arizona Team be part of the journey.

The Fighters trailed for most of the first 50 % of Arizona Weekend, beginning on the incorrect end of a 22-7 run at the end of the outlet 1 / 4, and Fantastic Condition could not keep him out of Arizona. Fighters other than Durant and Stephen Curry have a mixed 1-of-13 strong, got to the free toss line 12 times and obtained only 41 factors.

Fortunately for them, they have these other two people to bring the fill that Durant went for 37 factors and Curry completed 28.

The Spur are 4-0, relaxed Pau Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge in activities and have not had Danny Natural in any of them. Kawhi Leonard was a big reason for their achievements, and Weekend was no different against the Las vegas Warm.

Leonard began in second equipment in it all 1 / 4, after an random achievements of Tyler Brown remaining a weakling cut under his sight. It indicate two moments, then came back that looks like this:

Leonard came back gain 16 factors in the 1 / 4 and fallen the ending grab activity, pulling the football to Hassan Whiteside. Patrick kANE JERSEY. The Spur can take a position who they want as long as Kawhi is on the ground.

Marc Gasol, three fantastic points?

Marc Gasol obtained a group of 3 of three factors in the ending a few moments of it all 1 / 4 and extra time to overcome the California Magicians, 112-103.

He hit the strong one to deliver the experience into OT:

The Grizzlies middle now has six manufacturers from town middle in three activities after linking on 12 in his first eight periods. He also became a professional musician.


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